Rural culture: a heritage to be preserved

What unites us is a long family tradition rooted in Marche's rural culture. This gave rise to San Filippo's winery.
A place in the heart of Offida's hills, fruit of the great passion that characterises us.

Tradition and innovation

We believe in organic farming as an essential condition to preserve the naturalness and beauty of the territory where we were born.

We know very well what a precious good we are handling. For this reason, we are its attentive keepers.

We control the entire production chain with great passion, curating every aspect of it all year round. An approach both ethical and innovative , that allows us to restore the local flora and fauna.

The names and labels of our products celebrate the animals inhabiting our hills and the plots of land standing out at the foot of Ciafone's ridges.

We pursue quality and we offer it in a wine glass.

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