Appellation: Marche Syrah IGT
Grape variety: 100% Syrah
Winemaking: maceration happens at high temperatures, about 29°C, to extract all tannins and give them a chance to bind and polymerise during the refining in wood barrels, thus creating a soft wine. The aging in wood barrels elevates this product as a great red wine.
Wine Tasting: we can notice a very fascinating garnet red. To the nose we can appreciate its intense and fruity flavour with scents of black berries, black pepper and tertiary flavours derived from the aging. To the taste it's warm, soft, structured but lovable, a flirt.

The origins of Syrah are controversial: on the one hand they say it comes from ancient Persia, on the other it's said its name seems connected to the city of Siracusa in Sicily. After various tests in the field, we thought this wine would have great potential to generate important wines with great longevity on our sunny slopes.